Thoroughbred Rehab Center

ALL OF THE HORSES IN THE SHORT VIDEO BELOW SHARE TWO THINGS IN COMMON... THEY ARE ALL THOROUGHBREDS ... AND THEY ARE ALL EX-RACEHORSES WHICH HAVE FOUND NEW HOMES AND CAREERS WITH LOVING OWNERS.For many years now, Cindy and I have supported and promoted Thoroughbred Rehab Center, located in Bradbury, California, near the famous Santa Anita Racetrack. TBRC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, run by the wonderful Leigh Gray, which was created for one purpose... rescue and re-homing of thoroughbred racehorses, who are retiring, injured or just no longer wanted for whatever reasons.

The horses are usually donated by the race owners and, if the animals are injured, they are provided medical veterinary help... if, ultimately, they are unusable in some other career due to age or injury, they are found new "retirement pastures" in which to enjoy and live out their lives. But those that are healthy and eager for a new job (there are many, as that is the nature of the Thoroughbred horse), TBRC seeks out new owners who are true horsemen and horsewomen who care about the animals and will care for them and love them. In the end, finding a loving and safe new home for the horses is the ultimate TBRC criterion for adoption.

Not surprisingly, many TBRC "equi-clients" have gone on to become successful show horses in other disciplines (jumping, eventing or dressage), pleasure/trail horses, police horses and even handicapped and disabled therapy horses.

TBRC obviously needs ongoing financial support to continue to accomplish these good deeds for the ongoing numbers of newly arriving horses, providing home and shelter, food, veterinary and farrier services, etc. Some money is received from those who adopt the animals into their lives (adoption is usually on the basis of "pay what you can"). Sometimes the owner who initially donated the animal contributes money for a few months' board and care. And, most importantly of all, many individuals, who simply have love in their hearts for these horses, just donate money as they can.

Of course, the adopted animals may not be sold for racing or for slaughter; but, if sold on by the next owner, they too sometimes donate back to TBRC part of the sales fees received.

Your support is important! You might even find your next horse.