Australian Cattle Dog

The “Blue Dog” for whom we named our ranch, is also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, Queensland Heeler or Blue Tick Heeler and a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for driving cattle. They were a cross of the dogs used by drovers in Northumberland, with dingoes and the Timmins, with brown or black hair distributed fairly evenly through a white coat, which gives the appearance of a red or "blue" dog.

"Saint Fatty Ann", a Labrador & Samoyed cross, was our very 1st dog after we got married and the smartest and most loyal friend ever. 💞💓💞

Wonderful "Badger", our mellow loyal companion of yesteryear... and disciplinarian and protector of two of our younger puppies, also buried here at Blue Dog

Badger & Kitty were Besties 😍

Our loyal and loving 13 year old,"Scout", getting creaky and blind but still the cranky "School Ma'am", always ready to discipline any bothersome puppy behavior from Kora. 😋💕

Saint "Kitty", the smartest, most loyal and our 1st Cattle Dog (Blue Dog), with us for more than a decade and a half in So. Cal and here at Blue Dog, where she is now buried. 💞💓💞

Our always happy and gregarious white Cattle Dog puppy, "Sochi", who was with us only two loving & happy-with-life years here at Blue Dog when she died suddenly of a probable aneurism. She is at rest here as well. 💓💔💓

Our AKC Weimaraner "Diana" a.k.a. neurotic "Diana DumbButt", loving but sensitive & timid 💕😘

Our 2 yr. old puppy, "Kora"... Aborigine for "friend" or "companion" and ...

... a keen friend of our once feral barn cat, "Maggie". 💞 💞🥰