This "Handmade/Bespoke" website (a 1st effort) was created by us especially for our friends & family, who may be toying with the idea of a visit to Blue Dog Ranch, to laugh a lot, tour around to explore the beauty and adventures of the California Central Coast, enjoy some fine dining... and, possibly, go wine tasting at a few stops (You know who you are). But 1st, here's a virtual "jiffy tour" to tweak your interests a bit... 

Because of our location on the Central Coast, we actually have "seasons".  Where we are, somewhat inland and in the northern part of San Luis Obispo county, we always seem to have a few weeks of fairly extreme daytime summer heat, which gives way to 40-50 degree nights... making for lovely evenings and "sleepable" nights.  In the winter, night time cold spells can drop regularly into the 30's and occasionally the 20's (Two light blanketing snows since 2003). But, for most of the weeks of the year, we have clear gorgeous weather, with ocean influences, which are the envy of people around the country.  Please feel free to take a virtual tour via the pages that follow, using the 4 bar menu icon on the upperleft. 

View Blue Dog Scenes photo carousel  (below) by clicking the < or > tokens  at the left or right edges of the photos. There are captions for each photo but the text is rather small.

BEST VIEWED ON LARGER PC SCREEN (Can be slow to load on some machines because of the many graphics and especially the videos). `Double click for full screen.