"Horses, Australian Cattle Dogs (a.k.a. "Blue Dogs"), Beaches, Vineyards & Sunshine... What's not to love?" - Owners Cindy & Don Wilson

Blue Dog Ranch is a small private thoroughbred horse ranch, situated in the wine country of San Luis Obispo County on the California Central Coast, lying half way between  Southern California and the Bay Area.

Please feel free to take a virtual tour via the pages that follow

The vineyard is our neighbor's, sadly, not ours but we get the
lovely view... without all the work

Equine relaxation

Summer nights

This, however, is our very own sunset

Our "sometimes" seasonal pond

Rare winter snows

Early view from the road of "The Dirt". The future house is now situated amidst the grove of oaks at the top center of the hill in the background. The riding arena is now at the bottom of the hill on the far side of the pond.